Monday, 14 January 2013

Weight Loss Cook Books

During this time of year you'll find a great selection of cook books on the shelves with the emphasis on weight loss recipes.  A couple that I have bought recently are 'Clean & Lean Diet' by James Duigan and 'The Hairy Dieters' by Dave Myers & Si King. 

The Hairy Dieters book goes with their series that was originally broad casted back in August 2012.  If you didn't see the series or have the book you can click the following link for all the recipes[]=p00vq8c6 

The book is full of scrummy recipes, lots of traditional classics like 'lasagne' but with a twist.  It replaces the pasta sheets with sheets of blanched leeks to save a heap of calories!  And who'd of thought you could eat 'Cajun spiced chicken with potato wedges and a chive dip' guilt free.  And when it comes to weight loss or even maintaining your weight, the thought of eating a pie would immediately add 4 inches to my waist!  But again the guys with help from their friend Justine, have come up with a skinny version by making the pastry using pizza bake mix.  I have to admit when I saw this particular episode I wasn't too sure.  But of course the prove is in the making.  So can't wait to get cracking. 

Throughout the book there is also a few sensible weight loss tips from Dave and Si.  As they say in the book they are not going to be skinny minnies, but I think they were shocked in the beginning just how much fat they were carrying.  Probably due to their diets.  They both managed to significantly drop weight and lose fat.  They also learnt where they can save on calories but still enjoy food.  It's a light hearted very well written book with some fabulous easy to follow recipes.  I'd give it 4 stars for sure.

The 'Clean & Lean Diet' again is a good book with a great selection of recipes.  Although some of the desserts and treats in Chapter 7 I'd only have very occasionally or perhaps post workout after a very intense session or maybe on a cheat day (see my previous blog 29th November, 'A cheat meal for Weight Loss').  It also has a handy 'bad, better and best' food alternatives. 

This book does promote 'Bodyism' which are a range of supplements and health drinks.  But be warned they are very expensive.  And if we are eating 'clean and lean' we shouldn't need to supplement, or at least that's what were told.  But a good book nevertheless, I would give it 3 stars.

So what books have you bought recently?  Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.
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