Saturday, 5 January 2013

How to reduce belly fat.......

This question was posted by Greg Brookes on LINKEDIN to personal trainers.  He wanted the best answers so he could post the top 50 answers.  Happily mine made the selection, here it is.  If you can apply even one or two of these you will be on the right track to reduce your belly fat.
1.    Get motivated, be committed and determined to make a lifestyle change. 
Who is your motivation?  It could be your partner, husband, wife, children, best friend.  These people need you, when you are overweight or obese you may not see this, isolation can be a lonely time.  You do not need to go through this alone, reach out to them.  Let them be your inspiration for change.  Now you have the want and the motivation you need to commit long term.  The process of fixing you may take time, commitment and determination all made possible with support from your family and friends.
2.    Set realistic goals
Now is the time to set some realistic goals.  Too many times you’ll hear or read something along the lines of’ Lose 20lbs in 10 days’ or ‘ Lose a dress size in 1 week’ or other crazy and quite often unachievable goals.  The sad thing is that many people will be taken in by these claims, as their looking for the next best and quickest solution to weight loss.  And even if these things did work they are not the solution to long term weight loss and weight management. 
Your goals should be specific to you.  For example, you normally park your car at your place of work.  You’ve often thought about parking further away and walking in, but usually come up with excuses not you.  Your specific short term goal could be ‘for next week you will park on the outskirts, giving you a 20 minute walk there and back for 3 days’.  Fantastic, nice and easy for you to fit in and that’s an extra 2 hour walk you’ve added in to your week.  That can be progressed by doing this for more days or park further away for a longer duration walk, it’s that easy.   A nutritional goal could be as easy as drinking more water, keeping a food diary, swapping your usual latte for a herbal tea, or changing your white rice for brown rice.  The list is endless.
3.    Eat clean, at least most of the time
What I mean is try and eat little and often throughout the day.  Try and eat whole foods, that is fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fibre rich foods, good fats and protein including lean meat, poultry, eggs and dairy and of course plenty of water.  Basically if it grazed the land, swam in the sea, flew in the sky or came from the ground then it’s good to eat.  It’s not rocket science! 
Now I’m also aware that life is to short, so why shouldn’t we sometimes have a little bit of what we fancy.  So once a week ONLY I have a cheat meal.  That doesn’t mean a whole days worth of bad food, just one meal.  I normally make it my evening meal and I’ve usually had a workout beforehand.  So it could be garlic bread with my spag bol, a couple of extra potatoes with my Sunday roast or if out a hot chocolate and a slice of fruit cake J
4.    Variety is the Spice of Life
Do something you enjoy, it doesn’t have to a gym workout, it could be a brisk walk outside, get together with friends using the Wii-fit, HIIT circuit done in your front room, get together with friends clubbing, game of squash, badminton, tennis, table tennis, play with the kids, climbing wall (that’s on my list to try), housework, gardening, clean the car (okay the latter two may be better weather pursuits) but you get the drift.  Basically anything that gets your body moving and gets you breathing a little heavier than normal.
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