Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fat Loss Telly!

Now January is upon us you'll notice a lot of 'fat loss tv' hoping to inspire to get rid of your post Christmas bellies!  But which programmes are worth watching, who should you listen to and do these experts know their stuff?  It's difficult as sometimes you get conflicting advice, one 'expert' will promise you that they help you drop a dress size in 2 days, or reduce your belly by 10" in a week by using there particular method.  Another so called 'expert' may come along with a totally different method that actually works, says them!

I don't think so and I think you'd be pretty silly if you thought they'd work!  And even if they did, the likelihood of putting all that lost weight/ fat back on is pretty much going to happen, it will just be a matter of time. 

At the end of the day we are all different and will respond to exercise also differently.  Your genetics and body shape, your eating habits, past yo-yo dieting, your medical history and previous exercise habits will all have an effect on your metabolism and how much and how quickly you lose weight (fat).

Back to some of the programmes, one I enjoy watching but don't always feel the information (especially exercise) is correct is 'Embarrassing Fat Bodies' on Channel 4 Monday's at 9pm.  One particular chap comes to mind from that episode, he had lost over 27 stone.  Which is remarkable.  He lost all this weight from reducing his calories and riding his bike to and from work.  Don't know much much calories he was restricted by, they didn't say.  But this would help you lose weight, fat and potentially muscle if you were not sensible.  Riding his bike is great exercise, its low impact and is cardiovascular, so great for conditioning your heart and lungs.  This all sounds fantastic, and yes it is, it worked to help him reduce his weight, reduce joint pain, lessen risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease, add years to his life, reduce his BMI etc.  All very positive BUT when he took off his gown you couldn't help but notice many very loose skin folds around his middle.  Now this could have been avoided (or very much lessened) by using weights to make muscle.  The only option was for him to have surgery.

The more muscle you have the more you fire up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning (for longer) machine.  Muscle actually takes up less space in the body than fat does (please see the photos below).  Also for every 500g of muscle you make your body could burn an extra 10 to 30 calories per day maintaining it.  This doesn't seem a huge number but if you do a strength muscle building routine (with extra dietary protein) to complement your out of comfort zone cardio then when fat starts to disappear you will be left with some muscle filling out the space instead of fat folds.  Fat even though a necessity only burns less than 5 calories to maintain it.  I know which I'd rather have in my body.  Now Dr Pixie (who he saw in the programme) in no way mentioned using weights, in fact when she said bye to him she told him to keep riding his bike!


                                                     Which one would you rather have?

Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching 'Embarrassing Fat Bodies', I just wanted to put my view across on using weights and weight loss.  By all means watch them, but do extra research or speak to a qualified personal trainer to clarify a new exercise regime for example.  Stay tuned for my view on other such similar 'weight loss' programmes.

Let me know which 'fat loss' programmes you enjoy if any of them.
All the best, till next time


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