Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Legs & Lungs Workout in the Gym (3)

Happy New Year to all my blog viewers. 

A new year and perhaps a new start for some of you, so lets start the way me mean to go on with some more HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  The perfect way of training when you are short of time, but still want to hit it hard!  This is the third instalment of my 'Legs & Lungs' workouts to blow away the cobwebs and start fat burning again:) 

In case you missed them, here is No 1 and No 2

This time we have three exercises, the first two exercises emphasise strength.  One utilising a barbell (or dumbbells), a 30 second hold in the plank position then a burst of cardio utilising a skipping rope to finish.  I'm hoping you can skip, if for some reason you can't then you could body weight skip by pretending, hop to each leg quickly and move your wrists in a circular type motion like your simulating holding a skipping rope. 

Don't forget 5 - 10 minutes of mobility and warm up beforehand.  Drink water frequently and take more rest if required.

This circuit consists of 12 reps of a standing Military Presses with the barbell or Shoulder Presses if using dumbbells.  Followed by a 30 seconds hold in a forearm plank, then skipping continuously for 30 seconds.  During your skipping burst you are aiming for an effort of 8 out of 10. 

After all 3 exercises back to back, rest for 20 seconds if you are an advanced user, 45 seconds if an intermediate user and 60 seconds recovery if you are a beginner.  Repeat this circuit 4 times.  Finish with a cool down and stretches, pay particular attention to shoulders, triceps, lats and legs.

Teaching points - Shoulder / Military Press

Barbell - Take bar safely from rack, hold with an overhand grip just outside of shoulders. Clean to your collar bone.  Stand with feet hip to shoulder width apart, lock out your legs, core engaged / braced, elbows drawn in underneath the bar.  Breathe in to prepare then exhale as you push the bar in a slight arc upwards to an overhead locked out arm position.  Your aiming to push the bar with enough force that it can be held over your base of support or your centre of gravity.  Too much force and it may unbalance you and you will over arch your back, too little force and it will stay in front and the exercise will be ineffective.  Lower back with control towards your chin / collar bone and repeat for 12 reps.  Tempo - 1 second upwards, 3 seconds down.

Dumbbells - More or less as above, except send the weights both upwards and slightly in towards the middle.  Start position, palms facing away, hold weights between ears and chin level.  Lower back towards ears / chin and repeat as above.  Same tempo.

Note:  If you have shoulder problems you may be happier using the shoulder press machine.  If unsure please ask an instructor first.  Or you could do frontal raises instead by lifting the weights upto shoulder height from thighs. 

Teaching points - Plank

Onto the floor, legs together, abs braced, elbows under shoulders or slightly infront (which ever is comfortable for you).  I like to make a 'soft fist', some prefer palms down.  When you are ready take your knees off the floor, so your weight is evenly distributed between your forearms and toes. 
HOLD for 30 seconds.  If you struggle and you feel your hips starting to sag, and your lower back is feeling the load, then pop your knees back down.  This may be an indication that your 'core' is weak, you will need to work on this.  Get an instructor or me to devise a core strength programme.

Skipping, self explanatory.  So over to you, give it a go and let me know your thoughts.

All the best

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