Tuesday, 14 August 2012

INSANITY - Day 8, 9 & 10 updates

Okay Week 2 – Day 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Felt a bit sluggish after day of rest but on the 2nd repeat of the warm up its feeling oh so more familiar, the sweat is pouring off me already!
Have to admit am now omitting the stretches after the warm up.  I prefer to do a dynamic warm up (which is what we do on the DVD’s) to lubricate joints, aid range of movement and prepare us physically and emotionally.  I believe stretching before the bulk of the workout signals to our bodies that we are about to finish so we leave stretching right to the end.  We then take a 30 second water break then go straight into the workout sessions.  Our stretches are held for longer (around 60 to 90 seconds); we add more stretches for the lower back and abs (cat, cow and cobra) and also calves.

At the end felt invigorated, actually achieved a little more and needed to use the ‘pause’ button less J looking forward to Pure Cardio tomorrow........NOT!!

Day 9 - Pure Cardio

Nope this is not getting any easier!  It may be shorter, around 30 minutes but it is more intense.  Its things like level 2 drills which was the 4 push ups and 8 seconds of mountain climbers, jump in, jump up and repeat which still feel difficult.  And keeping in time with Shaun and the guys is also not easy (I know it will be in the end, one hopes!).  I’m often still doing my mountain climber bit while they’re restarting their push ups! 
But gotta keep going, believe in yourself, dig deep, you can do this!!

Day 10 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This also felt a bit of a struggle today, but that may be because I had a lovely Aromatherapy massage this morning.  I was in total relaxed mode an hour later; surprisingly muscles didn’t feel too achy.  I reckon that’s because I’ve not had a typical hard free weights session (like I would normally) since starting Insanity.  I feel pretty good all told, don’t seem to be suffering from any back ache, or little niggly aches and pains, and my cough is on the way out.

By the end of the DVD feel invigorated and happy, and its Recovery (well I use that in the loose terminology of the word) day tomorrow. 
Could easily relax for the rest of the evening, but sadly got to muster up some energy to go and teach Circuits :)

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