Tuesday, 7 August 2012

INSANITY - Day 2 Update

Okay so Day 2 on Sunday 5th August which is the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Was a little sore from the previous Fit Test (as well as my worsened cough - aw!). 

The warm up was much longer, I think we repeated the warm up sequence 3 times.  This consisted of; jogging on the spot into jumping jacks into 'Heisman' (knees to chest while bounding from one foot to the other) into travelling Heisman (add a shuffle in the middle, need co-ordination, this was probably my worse one!) into butt kicks into high knees into mummy kicks (quite like this one, keeping your legs straight, kick them out in front while simultaneously scissoring your arms at chest / shoulder height).  You was encouraged to progressively get faster on each repeat!  And you are encouraged and motivated by Shaun T and the guys digging deep and sweating profusely at this time.  If your not half dead you then stretch. 

Then the hard work (or shall I say harder) work starts, the first part consisted of what Shaun called 'Suicide Drills' (which is a an explosive kick out of the feet and a touch of the floor with your hand), into power squats into mountain climbers (not typically what I call a mountain climber, more like rope climbing, standing tall pretend your pulling down on a rope from above while quickly jogging on the spot) into ski jumps (legs together or I did hip width, jump laterally from side to side, think skier).  Had a water break then repeated quicker 2 more times.  On the 3rd attempt we added some switch feet (very fast shuffles) and some lovely footy sprints (take a wide stance, soften knees, bit like a sumo wrestlers stance, then go wild and fast with them feet!) 

Water break then next sequence that consisted of 'Basketball Drills' (actually liked this one best of all, in fact made a client do this on Monday with a 5k medicine ball - well done Emily!).  So basically you dropped down into a low squat position touched the floor then exploded up with arms overhead like you were going to shoot a ball in a hoop.  We then did some bonkers drill that consisted of dropping down and doing 4 press ups then 8 seconds of mountain climbers (press up position and explode each knee in turn towards forearms).  Jump up then repeat this sequence about a million times, before adding ski abs (press up position, now jump both knees towards right forearm, then left forearm, before adding a few squat thrusts (same position, now jump both knees in towards forearms then jump back) and repeat.

Water break, you think its all over but no, one more shorter (but still freaking hard) sequence.  As fast as you can jab punches (strictly speaking they weren't just jabs because they come off your left and we punched with the right also, but I'm just nit picking here!) into cross jacks (bit like a slower jumping jack or half jack) into uppercut punches into 'Attack' (wide squat position and explosively punch out the arms directly in front). 

Thank god - the cool down!!  Our calves were killing us so we added an extra stretch by standing on our bottom stair and pressing so our heels were lower than our toes.

If your thinking that I remembered the moves quite well (my memory is not that good), I watched it from the comfort of my sofa later that evening and made notes.

Day 3 to come, oh joy!!

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