Wednesday, 8 August 2012

INSANITY - Day 3 & 4 updates

Okay Day 3 - Cardio Power & Resistance

This felt oh so much harder probably due to it being done at around 7pm after many hours sat in front of the computer catching up on emails and admin.  Better off getting it done in the morning when I'm a bit fresher.

So the warm was a tad different, the jumping jacks was more of a power jack so your stance was a little bit wider and you went a little bit lower.  There was an additional log jump, jumping from side to side over a pretend log (hence the name) and a vertical jump with arms overhead.  I think we did that two more times faster.  Then we brought in some kicks in front of each leg with a squat, then some 'pike push ups', your in a 'v' position with your bum up in the air, legs are straight and your on your toes.  Hands slightly turned in, action is your bending and straightening your arms, lots of work for your triceps and shoulders.

We also had power jumps, kicks, pike push ups which was repeated.  On the last repeat we added tricep dips in a crab position, then did a one legged version of the dips (bloody hard work by this stage) then like we hadn't done enough for tri's and shoulders did a 'tricep ball push ups' which was in a ball position, so crouched forward then dipped by bending and straightening the arms!

Break then last bit of hell! Which included sprints on the spot with a jump, so when Shaun yelled jump, we jumped!  Also had the lovely globe jumps (from the fit test), moving push ups and mountain climbers (press up position).  This was repeated with an additional 8 low wide stance squat hops and 8 press ups! COOL DOWN and collapse!

Day 4- Pure Cardio

I have one word to say about Pure Cardio day, f-----g hard! Okay that's two words, but you get the jist!  Especially after day 3, it went something like this;

Warm up, pretty standard, jog, jumping jacks, Heisman, Heisman 123 (travelling), butt kicks, high knees, and mummy kicks.  All repeated 3 times, progressively faster then stretches. 
Workout; Suicide drills into switch kicks into wide footy drills (with variations) into sprints on the spot, repeat the last two exercises.  Stance jacks (narrow to wide squat, touching the floor in between each one), into 'pedals' (sprints on the spot with a dynamic jumping lunge in between) into power jacks.  Water Break.  Level 2 drills into 4 push ups, then 8 seconds of mountain climbers (knees to chest, still in push up position) stand up and repeat the push ups and mountain climbers for a total of 3 times!!  Water Break.  Frog Squat jumps (wide squat jumped forward and back, touching the floor in between each one) into power knees (from the fit test) both sides into rope climbers into lateral ski jumps into Scissor runs (fast switches of feet, scissor arms) into Burpees into last exercise, which was the Push up jacks (from the fit test).  STRETCH and DIE!!  THE HARDEST ONE YET FOR ME!

Hope to do day 5 tomorrow (if I can move that is) before work in the afternoon, update then :)



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