Saturday, 11 August 2012

INSANITY - Day 5 & 6 updates

Day 5 - Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery

Now you've got recovery in the title which makes you think its gonna be a pleasure to do - how wrong I was! Especially with tight sore muscles from the previous day. While its true your not bounding round like a mad thing, you still are working pretty hard, I still got a sweat on!

We started with a lot of breathing work (which was nice), then went into some deeper stretches including some yoga warrior poses and downward facing dogs and some straight arm planks with some pulses done with one leg off the floor. There was also a lot of low, slow and controlled squats and lunges, again with some pulses (which are not easy when your legs are burning!)

Their are two parts to this section. I have to be honest and say I only did the first part which was about 30 minutes. My hubby who did it later on, actually did them both. He said the 2nd part was very similar with a couple of additional exercises thrown in. But before you criticise me let me tell you that I'd already done a couple of hours on my bike with a client in the morning, and personal trained 2 clients later in the day and one of them I worked out with. In fact I used 12 of the Insanity moves which we completed as some 'duo circuits', well done Sharon:)

Hope to do day 6 tomorrow before work in the afternoon, update then :)

Correction to the aboveday 5 Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery, you only do the first part, Max Recovery comes later in month 2. My hubby did them both, ha, more fool him!

Day 6 is the Plyometric Cardio Circuit from Day 2 which surprisingly didn't feel too bad, perhaps because you knew what was coming!

Day 7 is rest, I was thinking of taking myself off to the gym, but changed my mind as its a lovely day gonna get some rays instead!  Start again on Sunday with Cardio Power & Resistance, can't wait!?!

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