Sunday, 28 July 2013

HIIT - Legs & Lungs Workout At Home No 6

Here's a bodyweight legs and lungs workout that can be done anywhere as no equipment needed just your body :)  But if you missed the others then here they are;

Now your going to need endurance and stamina as this workout is both an ascending and descending ladder with an element of core strength as were going to do a slightly harder version of the plank, that I've named 'Walk the Plank' which your also going to do timed.

So the exercises are 'Y' or Prisoner Squats 10 - 2 and Spiderman Climbs 2 - 10 with a 10 second hold of 'Walk the Plank' after you have done both exercises.  So to clarify perform 10 squats then 2 Spiderman climbs then come back to standing then return to the floor for 'walk the plank', then repeat 8, 4 and 10 seconds and so on and so forth till you have finished.  The whole routine performed once totals 60 reps and a 50 second isometric hold exercise.  Rest for 2 or 3 minutes then see if you can repeat again.  Record your sets and better next time. 

Goes without saying but remember to perform some dynamic movements such as elbow, shoulder swings, hip circles, knee and hip swings, and ankle circles.  Start with small movements then make them a little bigger to warm up and mobilise joints.  Have plenty of water on hand and make sure you have enough room to enjoy the routine.

Teaching points - Squats

A little variation on the very functional squat pattern that will also improve the range of movement around the shoulder girdle and give a nice stretch to the middle and sides of your back.  As a quick reminder your normal squat pattern is to lead with the hips, send your bum out behind you like you are about to sit in a chair.  Keep the weight down through your heels, chest elevated and neutral back.  A 'Y' squat is funnily enough take your arms above your head so it looks like your making a 'Y'.  If you spend a lot of your time in a desk bound job or lots of hours in the car you may well struggle to do this as you will no doubt have tight shoulders, lats and back.  If it is painful (speak to a physio) or uncomfortable you may prefer 'Prisoner' mode which is slightly easier.  This is simply placing your hands behind your head, try and keep your elbows wide. 

Teaching points - Spiderman Climbs

A great exercise for improving mobility and range of movement around your hips and pelvis as well as strength around shoulders and back.  Action - from standing, feet hip width apart, soften knees slightly as you bend forward to touch the floor with your hands. Continue to walk out until you are in a press up position.  Hands underneath shoulders, nice straight line from your head to your heels.  Now bring your foot from behind up towards the outside of your hand / arm.  Let your hips slightly sink towards the floor.  Alternate sides.  Use your range of movement, if you can only bring your foot towards your waist then that's fine.  You will find the more you do this exercise, your flexibility will improve and therefore your range of movement will also improve. 

Teaching points - Walk the Plank

Here we are taking our body into an extended plank with straight arms.  Start this exercise like the Spiderman Climbs above, just keep walking your hands away until they are past your shoulders.  This is an advanced exercise.  Please use caution if you have lower back problems.  If you prefer to hold a normal plank on your forearms that is perfectly fine and just as good a core exercise.  Another option would be plank with a leg lift.  Hold each leg up in turn a few inches off the floor for 5 seconds.

Finish with some stretching.

So there we have it, No 6 give it a go and let me have your comments.

All the best, till next time

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