Thursday, 19 September 2013

Legs & Lungs in the Gym - Workout No7

A very tough HIIT routine that will improve both strength and cardiovascular fitness.  If you are short on time this (like all the other ones) hits all bases J
So we’re using one of my favourite cardio machines the ‘rower’ and teaming it with probably one of the most hated and feared body weight exercises, the ‘burpee’ (don’t panic I’ve added a regression below).  Set the rowing machine to ‘Row Variables’ and set up a rest period after each interval (if unsure ask an instructor).


1) Row
1a) Burpees
x 10
Rest period
5 minutes
2) Row
2a) Burpees
x 8
Rest period
4 minutes
3) Row
3a) Burpees
X 6
Rest period
3 minutes
4) Row
4a) Burpees
x 4
Rest period
2 minutes
5) Row
5a) Burpees
x 2
Rest period
1 minute


As you can see it’s a toughie.  A descending or down ladder on the distance, number of burpees and rest period.  At the end you will have completed 3,000 metres and 30 burpees!!  That distance is pretty good, considering most gym goers would not even spend 5 minutes on there.  But 30 burpees is a huge accomplishment.
Now by all means please adapt as you wish depending on your fitness levels.  You could give yourself greater rest periods or a shorter distance or less burpees.  For example 5 lots of 500 metres with 5 minutes rest in between each interval to do 2 or 3 burpees would be a cracking start J

Now for the Burpee regression, you could step back into your press up position instead of jumping back and / or take away the jump at the end.  Or elevating your hands on a step would also make this exercise a little easier.
Don’t let a little old burpee defeat you.  Honestly people will be very impressed that you’re giving them a go.  Give it your best shot and let me know your thoughts. 

Stay tuned I've another bodyweight and rower workout to come :)

Till next time, all the best

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