Sunday, 23 December 2012

No Gym, no fear here's a home workout for over the Christmas period.....

Can't get to the gym, well that's not a problem, all you need is a deck of cards and away we go!  Haven't got a deck of cards I hear you say, still no problem, got paper and pen then make some! No excuses!

Allocate an exercise to each suit, for example;

Diamonds - press up's
Hearts - squats
Spades - Ab Cycling
Clubs - lunges

Shuffle your deck and pick a card, say the first card you pick is the 10 of diamonds, then bully for you that's 10 press up's.  If someone picked the 7 of Clubs do 7 lunges each leg.  Or the person that picks a card everyone would go with the same number, up to you, experiment.  As long as your working and getting a sweat on that's the object of the game.

You could also bring the Joker and the Aces in.  For example;

Joker - high intensity cardio - 1 minute mountain climbers
Ace - high intensity strength - 30 seconds each side side plank with arm held overhead

There are endless variations for the 'Deck of Cards Workout' just use your imagination when it comes to the exercises.  If you have some exercise equipment at home then by all means use them, if not body weight is the way to go. 

Imagine how you'll feel if you are able to get through the whole deck, that's 54 cards.  So what you waiting for, grab that deck and away you go!

Happy holidays!

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