Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Light Lunch Ideas

Some quick and simple ideas for a light lunch or evening meal or post workout meal as they all contain a source of protein, carbs and good fats. Enjoy with a glass of water or a herbal tea.
A piece of fruit and a bowl of soup.  There are a lot of choices for soup at the supermarket, try and look for something fresh, rather than out of a tin and not to high in sugar, (ideally less than 15g per 100g) I quite like some of the Covent Garden range at Tesco’s.  Serve with a mixed salad on the side.

An open sandwich which is just one slice of bread ideally wholegrain or granary, topped with a low fat cream cheese and 3 slices of smoked salmon and cucumber.  Yoghurt to finish.

One slice of wholegrain toast (no butter or marg), topped with a pot of microwave beans (optional) 2 poached eggs, 5 baked cherry or small plum tomatoes and half an avocado.

Tinned fish such as tuna or salmon drained and served with a salad made of green leaves, tomato and cucumber.  Sprinkling of olive oil and balsamic over the salad.

Half a grapefruit and a prawn and smoked salmon salad with a low fat mayonnaise.

A serving of cold pasta, assorted leaves and cooked chicken pieces in a homemade tomato sauce (see below)

Recipe - Easiest tomato sauce ever; garlic (as much as you like, or omit if you’re not keen),1 small red onion chopped roughly and cooked, add a 500ml carton of passata, 250ml vegetable stock,4 / 5 small plum tomatoes roughly chopped and seasoning to taste.  Cook for around 15 minutes on a low hob until onions have softened.  This will store in the freezer, or up to 4 days in the fridge. Have hot or cold.

A mixed salad with a sliced hard-boiled egg and green beans.

A chicken and avocado salad with mixed leaves, tomato, diced red pepper and cucumber.  Olive oil and balsamic dressing and touch of pepper.

A small to medium sized sweet ‘jacket’ potato served with toppings such as tuna and sweet corn, baked beans, cheese (watch how much) and a slice of ham, chicken and avocado, low fat coleslaw, seafood etc, the list is endless, experiment with tastes and flavours.

Handful of grapes and 2 Ryvitas or oatcakes or rye crispbreads topped with tinned salmon or tuna with cucumber, or a low fat pate.

One wholemeal pitta or wrap filled with chicken or turkey and salad vegetables and a dollop of low fat crème fraiche.
TOP TIP If you’re on the go, try and take foods that you can keep in a sealed food bag and eat easily.  You could have fruit and berries in one and meats and salad vegetables like chicken, turkey, ham, carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks and cherry tomatoes in the other.  These are things you can easily nibble on without too much mess.  And of course goes without saying but have a bottle of water with you at all times.

You can most probably add to the list.
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