Monday, 18 June 2012

My Massage Experience

As a Personal Trainer and someone who works out quite a bit, more often than not I'm left with tired and knotty muscles (oh the joys of exercise!?!).  Of course I apply stretches after my workouts, attend the odd yoga class and I also own a couple of self massage tools.  One of them, a stick which funnily enough looks like a stick with rollers along it and a handle at each end.  You roll it over tired muscles with as much pressure as you can bear. The other is a Foam Roller are also becoming very popular for myofascial release.  Visit You Tube to find plenty of demonstrations on how to use this great tool.

These are both great tools, and will continue to use them on myself and my clients.  The stick is a little more pricey than the foam roller, but it is easily portable so you don't mind paying a little more.  But to really get deep into those tight and shortened muscles a session with a therapist is definitely worth the money. 

When looking for an alternative to sports massage, which can be quite a rough experience.  Stumbled upon Soulspace

Soulspace is owned by Lisa Cadman, she offers an array of therapies including Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Acupuncture Massage, Swedish and Thai Massage.    I see Lisa once a month for a Aromatherapy massage, Lisa always knows which hand blended oils to use on me.  It's difficult to explain the emotions of experiencing a massage, especially if you've never had one before.  If you have you'll know exactly what I mean.  In these days of stress and strive I believe it is important to just let go of everything that is weighing you down, job, kids, husband/wife, money.  All these things are a burden, but to lose yourself for just half an hour can reawaken the senses, realign your body,  mind and soul, and recharge your batteries. 

As Lisa is getting to know me and my body she suggested that Thai massage may be of benefit to me.  Now I'd heard that Thai massage was pretty physical and in some cases includes you being walked on!  That was a scary thought, but Lisa reassured me that wasn't going to happen yet (with a glint in her eye!)  It is a little more physical, more so for the therapist as they use their body weight to help you take your body into deeper stretches.  Much more than we could do by ourselves.  So today I experienced a Thai half hour taster, mainly working on the lower body, getting to the deep muscles of my legs, pelvis and lower back.  All performed in her Thai inspired room at her home on a Thai futon bed.  Lisa was so reassuring with all the stretches, going into them slowly and controlled.  Giving me just the right amount of pressure.  The stretches felt deep but bearable.  My range of movement at the end of the session was brilliant.  A sitting forward bend, I'm not normally brilliant at as a twinge in my lower back usually stops me from going any further, this time ended with my knees so very nearly touching my thighs.  I've never been this close before, next time I'll nail it!

So I'm definitely going to include a regular Thai massage with my Aromatherapy massage, time well spent just for me!

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  1. It is true that there are thousands of massaging tools on the market nowadays. I think it would be better to get a massage from a professional masseuse. It would be difficult to have a massage if your body is already sore, especially with those hard-to-reach places. Anyway, it's good to hear that you love Thai massage. A weight trainer like you certainly needs massage every once in a while to loosen up.

    @Gregg Mulherin