Monday, 7 May 2012

Physical Activity Tips be at work, home or travel....

Being active at work
  • Walk to talk instead of using the phone or email.
  • Keep comfortable clothes nearby so you can take an activity break.
  • Do some stretches at your desk.
  • Walk or cycle all or part of the way to work.
  • If you must drive, park away from work so you can have a brisk walk both there and back.
  • Always use the stairs over lifts.
  • Plan some activity into your diary so its convenient for you and gets you away from your desk.
  • Take a 10 minute activity break 3 times per day, you will be more productive afterwards and also be working towards your health and well-being.
Being active at home
  • Walk or cycle to your local shops or if you have to drive, park at the furthest end of the car park.  Also if you are able, carry your bags of shopping rather than pushing them in a trolley.
  • Wash the car, wash the windows, turn mattresses, do the housework, gardening, basically anything that gets you a little out of breath and puts your joints through a good range of movement.  All these jobs are horrible, but if done with a little vigour (and perhaps your favourite music) will burn a lot of calories and also improve your flexibility. 
  • Eat less on a day when you are not very active - balance your food intake with your activity output.
  • If possible walk to collect your take away food.
  • Get active with the kids - Frisbee, hide and seek, twister etc.
  • Go for a sociable walk after your evening meal with family and friends.
  • Regarding point number two, your neighbours especially if they are elderly may find some of these jobs difficult, so offer your services.  You'll be a doing a good deed and they'll probably appreciate the company too.
  • Go dancing, use the Wii fit, do an aerobic DVD, have an early night! etc.
  • Join a club or group.
Active travel
  • Keep moving when waiting for the bus, train, tube or plane.
  • At airports take the stairs rather than escalators or lifts.  Or if you have to use an escalator and you are able to, walk on it rather than standing still.
  • Stand up, stretch or walk about frequently when on long plane, train or bus journeys.
  • Get off the bus or train a few stops earlier and walk the rest of your destination.
  • Or walk to the next bus stop or tube station along and extend this each week.
  • Walk or cycle to work.

So as you can see lots of opportunites to get some activity into your daily routines whether at work, home or away.  There must be many others, please leave me a comment on how you get your activity into your day.

Till next time, keep happy and active.

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