Saturday, 26 May 2012

Park Workouts - just perfect for this weather......

Wow I think Summer has sprung at last (and about time too!).  It's the perfect time for getting outside in your garden or out and about in your local park.  Here's a brilliant short but sweet metabolic fat burning workout using just your body weight, suitable for all ages and abilities (although common sense should be used at all times, and if you need rest, then take it and drink water frequently).

Set up 5 markers over a 50m distance (you can use bags, jackets, what ever you've got to hand).
Your aim is to run or jog two lengths (there and back) start at the first marker and perform a body weight exercise 10 times.  You then have to run again to the last marker and double back around the first marker before moving to the next marker and perform a different exercise and repeat the process until you've done all 50 exercises :)

The exercises are:

1st station - 10 x Squats (remember weight in the back of your heels, to protect your knees, as you push your hips and bum out behind you).

2nd station - 10 x Press Up's (remember to engage your 'core' muscles, hands a little wider than shoulders, aim to lower yourself to the ground then forcefully push your self back up).

3rd station - 10 x alternating lunges (remember to take an exaggerated step forward then drop your back knee down towards the ground, push back to the start position off the front foot and repeat on the other side).

4th station - 10 x Burpees (remember, start in a standing position, drop your hands down to the sides of your feet, now kick out your legs behind you so you come into a press up position (press up here optional), explode back into a standing position and jump into the air, repeat).  Very overweight people can miss out the jump.

5th station - 10 x sawing plank (remember plank position, lay face down on floor, elbows directly under shoulders, engage 'core'.  Bring your knees off the floor so your weight is evenly distributed between your elbows and toes.  Slowly shift your weight forwards so your head moves in front of your elbows then shift back towards your toes, this is 1 rep).

Repeat either for time; i.e see how many rounds you can do in 5 minutes, then better yourself after 3 / 4 minutes rest or repeat the whole circuit 2 or 3 times.  You can have a lot of fun with these, pitch mums against dads, boys against girls, have a prize for the winner.  Finish with a picnic as you would have earned it!

Till next time, enjoy working out in this beautiful weather.


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