Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Legs & Lungs Workout at the Gym (4)

Here's the 4th instalment in this series, of short sharpe intense workouts that can easily be performed when time is of the essence.  These workouts are based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which are proven to be very beneficial for long term fat burning, and overall conditioning much better than longer slow duration cardio.  If you missed them, here's the previous ones;

This particular one could be performed both at the gym or home, as their both body weight exercises, so no excuses :)

The first exercise is known as 'Russian Soldiers', although I liken it to John Cleese's funny walk in 'Fawlty Towers'.  Now I've said this is a body weight exercise, which it is, but if you want to make it harder you can use a medicine ball (if in the gym) or a football, basketball or what ever you have lying around if you are at home.  The second is one of the many moves from 'Insanity', it's the 'Basket ball Drills'.  Again like the first exercise it could be made harder with the addition of a ball.

As always before attempting remember your 5 - 10 minutes of mobility and warm up.  Have plenty of water on hand and plenty of space.  Your aiming for 4 - 5 circuits of up to 20 reps each exercise (10 per side on the Russian Soldiers).  The more advanced user can go for 20 reps, beginners aim for 10 - 12 reps each exercise and progress this so you can eventually manage the whole 20 reps.

Russian Soldiers - Teaching Points

Stand with feet hip width apart, core engaged with hands above head (holding your ball or not).  Action - bring your arms forward and down as you simultaneously kick your legs out in front.  Keep a soft bend at your knees.  Think 'Russian Soldiers' exaggerated marching or indeed 'John Cleese'.  This is a dynamic exercise that works both upper, lower and front and back so will definitely have an effect on your heart rate.  Perhaps try first without weight, then once you've found your stride (excuse the pun) you can increase intensity with a weighted ball.

Basketball Drills - Teaching Points

So do what it says really, think bouncing the ball on the floor then shooting the hoop like in Basketball or Netball.  Remember you do not need a ball, in fact this exercise will still work you as you include a small jump to replicate the 'shooting' bit.  Action - (I'll write it like your using a ball), start with feet hip to shoulder width apart, core engaged, holding onto your ball.  Soft knees, go into a squat position, bum out behind as you tap the ball to the floor.  Jump from the bottom as you push the ball up overhead, land softly on the balls of your feet and repeat. 

A progression if using the ball would be to push the ball upwards out of your hands in the jump part then catch and repeat.  Please be careful, don't throw it to high, its not necessary plus you don't want a bang on the head when you miss it!

So give them both a go and let me know your thoughts.



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