Thursday, 15 November 2012


It's finally here, my take on an indoor Boot Camp, without the inclement weather, endless press ups, running around fields and brutally be shouted at by a drill sergeant!

This class is also just for girls, come and join a like minded group all wanting the same thing, to be fierce, fit and fabulous!

The Spare Tyre Fitness Workout is based on circuit style intervals ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute using an array of fitness equipment such as kettlebells, sledgehammers, tyre flipping, suspension trainers, ladders and more.  The equipment may not be typical of what you would find in many gyms, that's why this class is a must especially if you do the same old routine. 

Think out of the box and live a little!

This class is based on functional movement patterns, it is low impact and suitable for most abilities (although high blood pressure and CHD may be contra-indication's, if you are unsure please get in touch). 

From participating you will also receive the following benefits:
  • Fire up your metabolism to boost long term fat burning.
  • Burn fat while building muscle.
  • Build strength and power.
  • You'll reduce your risk of injury as your body will move more efficiently.
  • You'll save yourself a lot of time, one of these workouts will burn more calories than two long slow cardio gym workouts!
  • You'll leave feeling exhilarated, strong, empowered and excited for the next session!

So where, when and how much is it?

Where - Warnham Health & Fitness, 16 - 18 Church Street, Warnham RH12 3QW (just 3 minutes from Tesco, Broadbridge Heath)

When - Sunday's at 11am.  How much?  Just £6 per hour session.

So now you have a good reason to come to the gym on a Sunday morning, plus you can have a couple of extra roast potatoes with your Sunday lunch :)

So if you want to be fierce, fit and fabulous I'll see you there.

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