Monday, 24 September 2012

Legs & Lungs Workout in the Gym (1)

As we know sometimes time is of the essence in the gym, ideally you want to be burning fat and creating lean muscle in the least time possible (or I do anyway).  You also want to get a response quickly and hit all your major muscles in an effective way, job done!  So here's my 'Legs & Lungs' workout utilising both the rowing machine and kettlebell (or dumbbell) swings. 

You'll be performing a down or descending pyramid with both the rower and the swings.  Both exercises are cardiovascular and although they both are working your legs, the rower is seated and the swings are of course standing.  But believe me every muscle and energy system will be fired up. Do not underestimate this workout towards the end you will really be feeling it! 

                                    Rower                    Rest                       Swings

                                    500 m                     3 mins                      50
                                    400 m                     3 mins                      40
                                    300 m                     2 mins                      30
                                    200 m                     2 mins                      20
                                    100 m                     1 min                        10

As you can see you have a rest period, but sadly thats not your total rest as this is the time for you to perform your swings.  If you are proficient at swings you should be able to get through them in the allotted time with some to spare as rest.  If not you may give yourself more time, like 3 minutes could be 4 or 5 minutes.  As you can see I have also reduced the time towards the end as you are doing less swings.  Again you can adapt this to your level, the important thing is that you keep correct form especially with the swings (please make sure you have correct technique, speak to an instructor if you are unsure). 

I usually use a resistance of 10 (so my rower feels like a slow power boat), below 5 is your quick, sleek, fast boat. But experiment with the damper setting, find one that suits you.

So by the end you will have completed 1500 metres and performed 150 swings! 

If you do not use a gym, an outdoor version could be to set yourself a distance between two points.  Perform travelling lunges (you can hold weights if you like) one way, dump the weights, then run or sprint there and back.  Grab the weights and repeat.

Do this as many times as possible. You could progress this by carrying heavier weights or repeating more times. 

These examples are simple and effective, helping you to achieve greater and longer term weight loss and improving your respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Give them a go and post your results.
Till next time, all the best


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