Friday, 13 April 2012

Struggling with Weight Loss, implement SMART goals......

Goals in relation to exercise can be set for long, medium and short term. Whatever the term agreed, following the SMART principles will ensure your able to keep on track and get to your end goal faster.
So what does SMART stand for,
S  - Specific
        M - Measureable
      A - Achieveable
R - Realistic
     T - Time frame

Lets break each one of them down, firstly Specific it must be specific to you and your goal.  Lets take weight loss for example, you should have a specific number in mind, its no good saying I want to lose a bit of weight, how would you know when you'd achieved it?!?  So specific could be ' I want to lose one stone in two months'.  So you don't forget, commit there and then by making a note of the start date and the date in two months time.  Put this in your diary, stick it on your fridge, on your wardrobe doors, mirrors etc somewhere you'll be reminded everywhere you look!

Measureable - having set your goal, you need to be able to measure it, by measuring it you will stay encouraged and on track.  So using the above as an example, we could further break this down in to 'I will aim to lose a minimum of 2lbs per week'.  Also remember to record all information, by writing everything down you will stay focused and motivated.

Achieveable and Realistic - if your goals are not achieveable or realistic you will lose heart, give up and not achieve your goals.  Best to take small steps rather than set the bar to high and fail.  The above example is achieveable and realistic especially if you are combining both sensible eating and moderate out of comfort zone exercise / activity. 

Time frame - your goal as we stated earlier should have a deadline, whether it be a short, medium or long term goal date.  Timed goals are achieved easier than an open goal, so you must have a start and finish date.  Again taking the above as an example, all being well you should have attained your weight loss goal of 1 stone in around 7 weeks or less. 

Do not panic if you have a little wobble here and there, we're all human after all!  Just sit down and reassess your goal situation again, even if your weight loss or whatever your goal is has to be achieved over a longer period that's absolutely fine.  If you keep to the SMART principles and find some determination, willpower and commitment you will succeed :)

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