Thursday, 2 February 2012

Essential Cupboard, Fridge and Freezer Staples

We should all have our cupboards and fridges stocked with essentials. We can't always guarantee the weather in winter, if we're snowed in, we need to know we can make a quick casserole at short notice and keep our bellies full!

I've stumbled across this great site

You''ll obviously be able to add your favourites to the list and possibly change some such as white rice for brown, and if you are trying to lose weight you may want to disregard some altogether such as the hard cheese and mayo! 

There's also handy tips and storage ideas, portion guides, recipes and also very important information regarding 'food watse'.  If you are a food waster or even if you think your not a food waster this is an essential read.

Enjoy, let me know your comments.

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